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Lunch Application

Sonshine Wellness Program:


Sonshine Christian Academy strives to create a healthy school culture by partnering with families in acknowledging the importance of health and nutrition and the direct impact it has on student progress as well as overall wellness.  


Our goal is to bring nutrition and health awareness to students, families and staff.

To accomplish this goal...

Nutrition education is offered in the cafeteria as well as in the classroom (e.g., posters and other educational media).

We will provide consistent messages that promote and reinforce healthy eating.

We will provide parents with healthy snack ideas and lists of foods for healthy classroom celebrations.  


Our goal is to promote healthy bodies through fitness and physical activity.

To accomplish this goal….

We will provide structured and free play opportunities for daily physical activity.

We will provide the space and equipment needed for safe and enjoyable play.

We will provide students with short physical activity breaks between lessons.


Furthermore, we will create a healthy school culture through other goals such as:

Providing a daily healthy meal at no additional cost to families. ( launched in fall 2017 )

Creating a positive environment for students and staff to share meal times, as able by guidlines.

Ensuring that students and staff have access to free, quality drinking water in all areas of the school.

Providing opportunities for physical activity and healthy snacks as part of the after school programming.

We will continue to provide cultural focus throughout the school year through activities.


We assure that the guidelines for reimbursable meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the USDA.


Sonshine’s Wellness Program is available for review on our website at, in our office, and by letter sent home to parents. 



Reviewed 6-14-21

This plan will be reviewed and updated by SCA Stakeholders as necessary annually during our policy review process.  

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